Carrier Testimonials 

"Since Panther was given an opportunity to work with Ruan, both companies have built a strong relationship with one another. Ruan has given us great opportunities from a business standpoint and utilization of our fleet. We work directly with a couple of individuals from Ruan who are always available and a real pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing and growing our business relationship together going into 2016 and beyond." - Panther Premium Logistics

 "Since we began our partnership with Ruan, a great friendship has developed with the Ruan team. I can't begin to speak well enough of these folks' stellar character. In fact, the entire Ruan experience is one which some people never find in a lifetime. Ruan is hands-down at the top of the heap of companies that Cream of the Crop deals with. Therefore, it's not surprising to see our relationship growing with Ruan because they have the highest standards I've seen out of the 500-plus customer base Cream of the Crop has. I'm not one to put my eggs in one basket, but that is quite different altogether in our relationship with Ruan. We are committed to growing with Ruan. I rest well at night, with a sense of trust, loyalty, hope and gratitude for having the good fortune to be partnering with what I believe is the most honest, ethical, dependable and downright friendly carrier in operation. It simply doesn't get any better than Ruan and the fine folks who work hard to make it what it is." - Cream of the Crop Transportation, LLC.  

"Ruan Transport provides efficient and friendly service. Ruan's EFS Fuel Card quick pay system is affordable and convenient. We wish more companies were like Ruan!" - Future Visions Transportation LLC  

"Overbye Transport Inc. has had the pleasure of doing business with Ruan for the past few years. The logistics team at Ruan has been both professional and trustworthy. The opportunities that Ruan offers continue to be very driver friendly and profitable freight. In addition, the team at Ruan does not hesitate to step in and solve issues quickly. Overbye appreciates the loyalty that Ruan reciprocates. In this business, it is nice to know that when issues arise, your logistics partner has your back!" - Overbye Transport Inc. 

"Our experiences with Ruan have always been positive. Honest representation from the 3PL side of the business has been a tradition. Prompt problem resolution is always the normal course of action in the event of an issue. Follow up is well above the industry norm. Ruan personnel are pleasant, responsive, cordial and honest." - Carrier 

"I have interacted with Ruan for over 10 years. The staff that I interact with is very knowledgeable of their client's requirements and is very easy to communicate with. They strive for continuous improvement and are open to new ideas from their carrier partners. Always a pleasure to handle a shipment for Ruan." - Landstar Inway 

"Ruan has always been a pleasant and helpful outlet for covering our equipment. They provide detailed information and are always readily available to answer any questions that may arise. I highly recommend them." -Twin Express 

"We have partnered with Ruan for several years now and have found them to be extremely professional and very helpful with our drivers. Any issues that arise are quickly addressed and resolved satisfactorily. We advise them of our regular lanes, and they are always looking out for backhaul opportunities that will work for us well in advance. Just what you would expect from a good broker!" - TTI Trucking 

"Since Ruan took over the Canadian operations several years ago, we have been working in partnership with them on the Henry account. The transition was very smooth and a positive experience. Very quickly it became clear that both companies have a lot in common sharing many of the same values and qualities. I am so glad to see how they have found a perfect balance to run a very well organized company, but at the same time, they are respectful and sensitive to other parties involved in their operations. Make no mistake, customer service is a top priority for Ruan Transportation, and we are doing all we can to meet and exceed their expectations. The communication is outstanding. They are always ahead of the game, and if faced with a problem, they are very supportive and understanding. Ruan's employees' work ethics are exceptional, starting with the management all the way down the ladder. In conclusion: they are an awesome company to work with." - K&ATrucking Ltd. 

"Ruan is a great transportation partner. We work a load with the TX and IA offices and have had great experience both in dispatch operations and on-time payments. We wish there were more customers like Ruan." - Get Cargo Inc.