What is it like to be a Diesel Technician Or Mechanic at Ruan?

Becoming a diesel mechanic or technician can be a highly rewarding career. It's not just another job or paycheck; a career at Ruan as a technician will set you up for a successful future. Here are some insights from one of our regional maintenance managers on becoming a technician at Ruan. 

Why consider a career as a diesel mechanic or technician at Ruan?

This is an exciting time for anyone who is considering a career as a diesel mechanic. A young person coming into the industry will have countless opportunities for advancement. This is a well-paying, highly rewarding career. As the demand for shipping fleets grows over the next decade, so will the need for diesel mechanics. As we see technology continually improve the way fleets operate, Ruan mechanics are always learning new skills and gaining insight into what is happening tomorrow.

What characteristics or skill sets do you need to become a diesel mechanic?

Anyone who is considering a career as a diesel mechanic should have a sense of adventure and love unique challenges. These individuals should not be afraid to take something apart or take on a small project around the house, such as building a cabinet or fixing an appliance.

As quickly as technology is changing in the transportation industry, our mechanics’ skill sets will also need to change, and being adaptable is important. That’s why at Ruan, we ensure all our mechanics continually go through ongoing training, resulting in highly capable technicians. 

What are the benefits of starting a career at Ruan as a diesel mechanic?

First, this is a high-paying career that offers long-term stability. A Ruan mechanic is paid at some of the highest levels in wages across the country.

Next is stability. As the need for professional drivers continues to trend upward, so does the need for good, experienced diesel mechanics.

At Ruan, we also provide our mechanics with almost everything you need including uniforms, safety boots, and glasses. When working in cold or hot weather, we provide clothing that accommodates the environment.

Our mechanics also have access to the latest diagnostic technology and training to utilize the equipment, all provided by Ruan.

Why are diesel mechanics important to Ruan?

Ruan is committed to hiring best-in-class professional mechanics and technicians. We hire the best because this team is responsible for keeping nearly 4,000 power units and 7,500 trailers safe, reliable, and on the road delivering products to customers.

Ruan invests in our mechanics and technicians and ensures everyone has access to the latest training, technology, and safety procedures. Ruan has many benefits to offer our mechanics and technicians, including paid Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification when you start or continue your career here.

Ruan also knows it’s important to have a work-life balance. Most full-time positions are guaranteed a 40-hour work week with the opportunity to earn overtime hours. These are family-friendly schedules, and your local manager can assist you with your schedule.  

Anyone coming in as a diesel mechanic or a manager has an opportunity for advancement. Every Ruan mechanic can take part in continuous education and training. Ruan uses this professional development to help technicians take on more challenges and gain more responsibility.

Because Ruan has shops located across the U.S., technicians can transfer to other shops that might have openings for a position that pays more and has increased responsibility.

What are the advantages of working for Ruan vs. dealerships?

Most dealerships operate on factory standard repair times (SRT). Dealerships typically don’t take the condition of equipment or the situation into account. Pay structure is representative of SRTs, and technicians must perform to this measure.

At Ruan, we use standard time for guidance but focus on quality of repairs. Ruan holds our maintenance team to a high standard, and this ensures our equipment will perform its best once leaving the shop.

Another advantage of working for Ruan is the ability to grow in your career. You can start your career with Ruan and advance as far as your goals will take you. Ruan is proud to offer career paths that benefit our team members, and we have had many employees start as a Utility Worker or Technician I and move up through the organization, even reaching the level of senior vice president.

What does a typical day look like for a Ruan mechanic?

Every day is an adventure at Ruan. Most days begin with a work assignment of either diagnostics, where a technician identifies the cause of a unit being down, or pre-planned preventative maintenance on a truck or trailer. Examples of preventative maintenance may include an engine tune up or replacing brakes. Needless to say, each day brings on a new and exciting challenge.

Because Ruan operates the latest equipment and technology, we believe that providing training to all technicians and mechanics is important. You will have days where you will have learning opportunities and discussions on how to create and operate in a safe work environment.

What do Ruan mechanics like about their job?

As a family-owned company, one of Ruan’s Guiding Principles is People First. Our managers have embraced this concept and have created a family-like environment. When I talk to our technicians, one of the things they tell me that they like about working for Ruan is they feel like they are part of a family.

Ruan has operations located across the country that range in size from as few as two technicians all the way to 20 technicians. No matter the size of the shop, there is a sense of ownership and camaraderie where everyone helps each other. The fact that our shops are local helps.

We have a great mix of knowledge and experience. Our younger technicians bring a fresh, new perspective while the seasoned veterans bring the experience. When all of this is combined, not only do we get great results, but we’ve created a solid team that trusts and respects each other. Everyone has each other’s backs.

Another thing that is great about Ruan is the support our veteran technicians provide to the younger technicians. When you start a new job, it can be difficult, especially if you are in a competitive environment. Ruan’s veteran technicians are more than willing to learn from new or incoming technicians and really form a bond sharing support that spans knowledge across generations.

Advantages of Starting a Career with Ruan

There are many advantages to starting a technician career with Ruan:

Working with technology: Ruan uses the latest diagnostic tools and technology and challenges your problem-solving skills each day. Work on late-model equipment and have hands-on opportunities using the latest technology and tools.

Variety of shifts: Working in the 24/7 transportation industry provides a variety of flexible shifts that can accommodate all schedules. Most of our technicians have a guaranteed, steady 40-hour work week with paid holidays and vacation time. At Ruan, we help you keep a healthy work-life balance that is important to you and your family.

Clean, environmentally controlled indoor shops: Our shops are clean and help promote an environment that allows you to do your best work. We also provide uniforms and have a work boot reimbursement program so that you are comfortable and safe during your shift.

No more job hopping: Becoming a Ruan technician provides career stability as you learn and master essential skills in an established, growing industry. Transportation continues to be the backbone of our economy, with truck drivers and technicians filling key roles.

Advancement opportunities: Being a Ruan technician provides advancement opportunities as our industry is constantly growing. Throughout your career at Ruan, you’ll gain more knowledge and skills that can be applied to advanced positions.

Testing and competition: Each technician at Ruan can test their skills by qualifying to compete in our annual Top Tech Competition. This competition offers our technicians the opportunity to refresh their skill set, determine areas for improvement, and compete with the best technicians in the company for awards and monetary prizes. The top three winners from Ruan even go on to compete against other technicians on a national level at the TMC SuperTech Competition.

Reimbursement of tools and work boots: We know that starting a new career can be daunting and at times even expensive. That’s why Ruan invests in our technicians and provides them with a program to get $20,000 in Snap-on tools initially, with annual reimbursements for broken and worn out tools further down the line. We also reimburse new work boot purchases and provide uniforms and other safety equipment for free.

Mentors: At Ruan, you’ll work with the best technicians in the industry, who collaborate and work as a team both within the shop and with drivers. This provides valuable learning experiences and a network of connections.

Benefits: Ruan technicians enjoy a robust payment package; medical, dental, vision, and life insurance options; paid holidays; paid time off; a 401(k) retirement plan with company match; and other benefits including wellness and tuition reimbursements, employee discounts, referral bonuses, and more.