About Ruan's Megasafe Culture

Ruan was the first transportation company to implement a formal safety program in the 1940s. Since then, our emphasis on safety has only grown. Ruan’s Megasafe Safety Program is our overarching, comprehensive safety structure. Megasafe drives mandatory quarterly Impact Meetings, customer team member communications, content in newsletters, posters, boot and PPE programs, and many other initiatives. The Megasafe mission is to create a best-in-class safety culture, continuously improve Department of Transportation compliance, eliminate variability, and reduce risk through improved safety and loss prevention management. This is accomplished through education and strict adherence to regulatory requirements as well as industry and Ruan best practices. 

The key training and communication elements of the Megasafe program are our Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving and Megasafe5 Rules of Working Safely. These rules were established to help our team members return home safely to their families. 

Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving

These seven rules were established to help drivers—in both commercial motor vehicles and their own personal cars—continue to be safe, thoughtful, and defensive drivers throughout their lives.  

If these rules are followed as intended, drivers are better equipped to tackle challenging driving situations. Getting our drivers home safely to their families every single day is of the utmost importance to Ruan. The Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving help ensure that they do.

Megasafe5 Rules of Working Safely

Ruan's Megasafe5 Rules of Working Safely are designed to help our professional drivers be safe while working, but not driving, by understanding the importance of good decision making and following proper techniques. Learning and following the five rules can help ensure drivers and technicians use the proper techniques and make safe decisions. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt.

Megasafe5 Rules