Ruan Truck Driver Testimonials

At Ruan, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. We follow our Guiding Principle of People First and deeply value the contributions of all of our team members. Our drivers’ testimonials speak volumes about the culture and work-life balance here at Ruan. 

What Drivers Say About Working for Ruan

 Arne Rockstead

"Ruan is a great place to work because you always drive top equipment that is well maintained."

- Arne Rockstead

Clark Jones

"The best thing about driving for Ruan is being able to work at your own pace. Ruan always operates to do everything as safely and efficiently as we possibly can."

- Clark Jones

Clay Northway

"It's having an office with a window view that is always changing. I've seen things shore to shore and border to border, it truly is the best job to have."

- Clay Northway

 Dean Key

"It's a great company and it's growing. I believe that if you want to start somewhere and grow with a company, Ruan would be a great company for you."

- Dean Key

 Ellis Hackett

"The best part of working for Ruan is the equipment that they provide. Also, if you run into an issue, they treat you like family. Someone is always willing to listen and understand your situation to help in any way possible." 

- Ellis Hackett

Jerry Christian

"I like driving for Ruan because there is plenty of work and proper equipment to get the job done. Ruan has invested a lot of time in terms of safety to protect their employees and their equipment."

- Jerry Christian

Jimmy Villicana

"I love working in the family atmosphere. It's easy to communicate and work with fellow team members!"

- Jimmy Villicana

Jose Nunez

"The best thing about working at Ruan is who I get to work with and has made my experience that much better. Our equipment, pay, and team members make it a great place to work."

- Jose Nunez

Kenneth Falls

"The best part about driving for Ruan is the culture. People truly look out for each other and always willing to help with any problems. The family atmosphere, great pay, and the open door policy with leadership makes Ruan a great place to work."

- Kenneth Falls

Paul Farris

"The comradery with other drivers, great pay, and working for a stable family owned company is the best part of driving for Ruan."

- Paul Farris

Terry Owens

"The best part of working for Ruan is the recognition they give to their drivers. Family is always first at Ruan."

- Terry Owens

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