Dedicated Logistics Solutions for all Your Managed Transportation Needs

At Ruan, we provide dedicated third-party logistics services for many customers across the United States. Mode selection, carrier management, network optimization, freight audit and payment, and more. We work with customers to find backhaul income, plan and source loads, and haul freight on a load-by-load basis. When you partner with Ruan, you gain our unrivaled expertise as our team becomes an extension of yours. 

Powerful Route Optimization Software

All of these services work on the back of a superior technological solution. RTMS2.0, Ruan's custom transportation management system, is used to manage every facet of the supply chain seamlessly. It provides industry-leading supply chain management and workflow, and a sophisticated planning engine optimizes shipments while reducing costs. It also generates rich and actionable analytics for KPI reporting.

Our Managed Transportation services include:

  • Logistics management

  • Supply chain consulting

  • Freight planning

  • Route optimization

  • Continuous move planning

  • Tendering

  • Execution

  • Freight audit and pay

  • Real-time shipment visibility

  • Dock scheduling

  • Business intelligence reporting 

Carrier Procurement and Development

When you entrust your products to Ruan, you can be sure they're in good hands. Our standardized carrier onboarding process includes a thorough review of carrier safety, authority, insurance, and service performance. Once approved, carriers are subject to a formalized review process. Ruan has implemented a streamlined carrier payment process encompassing quick pay, auto settlement, and a discounted fuel network to attract top-quality carrier partners. Additionally, we provide advanced technology, including EDI, real-time tracking, and a carrier portal.

During Ruan's optimization process, our algorithms determine the most effective mode and the ideal carrier that has been through our onboarding process. Carrier selection is based upon service and other factors such as performance ratings and contract volume commitments. With more than 13,000 active carrier partnerships, we can always source safe truck drivers and efficient equipment to haul your products and provide exceptional service to your customers.

Check out this video from DC Velocity that highlights how our Managed Transportation capabilities add value and reduce cost for our valued customer Daikin. 

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Modern supply chains are complex. Navigating the technological, relational, and intellectual aspects of navigated transportation and logistics can be overwhelming and costly. Ruan partners with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them meet and exceed their business objectives through industry-leading expertise, a foundation of trust, cutting-edge technology, and a customer service team devoted to your success. Contact us today for a free analysis of your transportation spend. For tailored solutions and feedback, give us a call at (866) 782-6669 or pass along your information below so we can learn how to best serve your company and your customers.