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Information Technology Logo

Information Technology

Being a part of the Ruan IT team is exciting, rewarding, dynamic, and constantly evolving. You will collaborate with other curious minds and work with a broad application of best-in-class technology that helps Ruan transform the way we do business and improves the lives of our customers and team members.

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Operations Logo


The Ruan operations team members are talented professionals who make it happen. These team members are focused on providing high-quality service to our customers and leading our driving teams. You'll develop processes and use the latest analytics and tools to move our customers' business forward. 

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

Behind every successful business, you'll find a finance team that makes intelligent, ethical financial decisions. Ruan's financial experts excel at planning, analyzing, evaluating operations, forecasting, providing economic models, and offering proactive insight and advice on the best way to fuel our growth. 

Safety Logo


Our top priority at Ruan is ensuring a safe workplace, but this mindset isn't limited to preventing accidents and injuries. Working with our operations around the country, our safety team helps build a culture that puts safety first, all day, every day. Ruan was the first transportation company to implement a formal safety program in the 1940s. Since then, our emphasis on safety has only grown. Ruan's mission is to create a best-in-class safety culture, continuously improve Department of Transportation compliance, eliminate variability, and reduce risk through improved safety and loss prevention management.   

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 Human Resources Logo

Human Resources

We match people's passions and talents to the needs of our business. As a member of our HR team, you'll help us create a great workplace culture by placing highly qualified employees in jobs and supporting them throughout their careers with engagement, training, and recognition.  

Marketing Logo


The marketing and communications team builds and protects the Ruan brand known throughout the U.S. as a leading trucking and logistics company. This team helps tell our story, both internally and externally, in ways that drive sales, improve employee satisfaction, and position the company for growth.

 Legal Logo


The Ruan legal team is deeply involved in every aspect of Ruan's diverse set of businesses and operations. This team ensures we make decisions that are good for the customer, lawful, and ethical. The Ruan legal team also works closely with the safety team to ensure compliance with laws and regulations to keep our team members and customers safe. 

 Risk Logo


Ruan's risk management professionals focus on company-wide, operational, compliance, financial, technology, and asset-related risks. 

 Sales Logo


The Ruan sales team is entrusted to build meaningful connections with prospective customers. You'll help customers solve problems and overcome challenges to ensure an exceptional experience. Our team of sales experts leads internal teams to customize our integrated services to best fit a customer's needs through sustained relationships.