Ruan's Brokerage Support Services Ensure Additional Capacity

Ruan's brokerage offering acts as a capacity aggregator across our fleet and the fleets of carriers with whom we partner. We provide the following service options:

Pure Brokerage is certified brokerage for transactional engagements where Ruan fulfills capacity needs across all modes. We are your single-source capacity provider.

  • Contractual rates and lane ownership

  • No shipment volume requirement

  • Any lead time

Fleet Support assists fleets with inconsistent lanes, capacity shortages, and volume surges.

Integrated Services Brokerage is part of a suite of services employed for our clients with dedicated fleets, warehousing services, and managed transportation agreements.

We are service-focused.  

We learn your network and serve as an extension of your transportation team, providing communication at every stage of your shipment, including after-hours support. Our team is adept at navigated high-touch requirements such as direct store delivery, just-in-time, multi-stop, and drop trailers.

We have the expertise.

Ruan is a Member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), and we employ Certified Transportation Brokers (CTB).

We have a broad scope.

Ruan manages $1.35 billion in annual transportation spending. We can always handle your loads with 13,000 pre-screened carrier partners and more than 45 team members at eight operations centers. Pass along your information below so we can learn how to best serve you.