Spring Style Guide Part I

Dear Friends,

As we enter the brutal month of March, we canít help but be reminded that spring is, at last, right around the corner. Which means that itís time to think about your new seasonal look.

Highlights and lighter colors are always popular choices, as are shorter cuts. But if youíre in love with your long, luxurious tresses, we of course recommend Magic Sleek. Weíve told you about it before -- itís an amazing straightening and smoothing process we offer at Eruan.

Magic Sleek, despite the silly name, is incredibly effective, non-toxic, and affordable. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see examples of MS in action on all kinds of hair.

Remember: The Eruan Mission is to ensure you look your best self every single day. Out stylists are here to consult with you, and help you find a look so that your outer beauty fully reflects your gorgeous insides!

We look forward to seeing you in March, even if itís to just pop in for hello and hugs.

Your Friends at Eruan


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